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Diaspora Peoples Are One-Fifth of the Workforce

Malaysia records a total of 1.9 million registered (documented or regular1) migrants, constituting approximately 21 per cent of the workforce (MOF 2010), thereby making Malaysia the largest importer of labour in Asia (Prasai 1993; Gurowitz 1999, 2000;Kanapathy 2006; Amarjit 2004, 2007). (Devadasen and Chan, "A Critical Appraisal of Policies and Laws Regulating Migrant Workers in…
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Diaspora: A More Relevant Term Than Ever

History could almost be told by understanding the movement of peoples all over the world. Old Testament scholar, M. Daniel Carroll says, “Migration is part of the human DNA. This is who we are.” Today, there are more people on the move than ever. Some people are being driven away from their homeland and are…
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