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Seeking the Best for our Cities

With cities increasing in size and influence all over the world, people are scrambling to find solutions that address the many issues in these teeming metropolises. The church has tended to respond in one of two ways: 1) many have ignored the rise of cities and done little; 2) others have sought to do random…
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Diaspora Peoples Are One-Fifth of the Workforce

Malaysia records a total of 1.9 million registered (documented or regular1) migrants, constituting approximately 21 per cent of the workforce (MOF 2010), thereby making Malaysia the largest importer of labour in Asia (Prasai 1993; Gurowitz 1999, 2000;Kanapathy 2006; Amarjit 2004, 2007). (Devadasen and Chan, "A Critical Appraisal of Policies and Laws Regulating Migrant Workers in…
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